Tuesday, February 16, 2010

2.16.10 How Toddlers Find Trouble

Jakob has been playing with the balloons Nana brought him all night. Only one still has enough helium in it to be floating, but he has figured out how to pull the strings and make the balloon come to him. He kept getting a balloon and running to another room with it. A few seconds later, he would be back for another one. After he had got all of them, it got quiet. Thats never a good sign! I decided I had better investigate and right as I was getting up, I see him run by the doorway, immeadiately followed by several balloons. He had the strings so wrapped around his little chubby feet, he couldn't escape. I decided it was time to deflate the balloons. I left the one with helium, which he continued to play with. I kept a close eye on him though because this one, it seemed, wanted to wrap around his neck...not good. I can see how toddlers can get into trouble if not watched closely!

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