Thursday, February 4, 2010

2.3.10 Would you play fetch with your kids?

Jeff and I realized tonight that Jakob officially is a thrower. It seems like everything he gets in his sticky little hands gets launched across the room. The remote control, toys, his cup, and most food you hand him at dinner time. I love the little guy to death, but when he throws things at me or screams because he wants MY delicious food, and then I give him a piece and he throws it on the floor, it simply infuriates me. Toddlerhood is not agreeing with me. The bipolarness of it all is exhausting. And I keep thinking how its going to get worse. Forget the terrible two's, we are stuck in the Obnoxious Ones. On the bright side, he loves to watch me play fetch with Peanut, and when she gets tired, he plays fetch with himself, which is awesome down time for me! =) He also has started "throwing " the basketball into the hoop rather than dropping it in. Not from very far away, but a step towards the NBA all the same!

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