Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.28.10 Boring but Semi-Productive Day

I am so far behind in school work it is not even funny. My wonderful sister offered to take Jakob off my hands for the day so I could try and get some done. I had 50 hrs of online work and one TELPAS Qualification to pass, as well as 5 lessons for school this week. I worked most of the day. I started with the TELPAS since it is due first, and was dismayed because I was scoring 60% on the practices. I did all of the ones available and then decided to try my luck at the real thing. I failed miserabley with 50%. I was so upset and frustrated. I was ready to march back to work and tell them where they could stick their TELPAS! When I calmed down, I reviewed all the questions I got wrong and realized I consistenly rated the samples one level lower than they should have been. So I took the test again (there are only two versions you are allowed to take). I was so scared of failing and getting in trouble at work because I am a loser (this is why I teach the arts folks and not core subjects). Yeah I am creative and awesome, but being book smart is not my thing. So anyhow, If I wasnt 100% sure of an answer, I chose the next level up. I wrestled with it through the whole test because my gut and brain were saying thats too high, pick the rating you think is right, but that failed me the first time. So I closed my eyes and hit submit answerts at the end, and sure enough-90%, I passed. Although I have no idea what I am doing, I am now qualified to rate ELL's (English Language Learners). Whatever. I am totally incompetent and dont think I should be doing this. It also completely shook the minimal amount of confidence I had that I may have passed my PPR.
SO then I moved on to my 45 hr online course-talk about boring. I spent five hours learning about parent teacher conferences. Seriously??? That was enough of that for today, so I moved on to my lesson plans. I got three and a half done. I didnt feel like I got enough done, but as I look back at it in writing, it was a fairly productive day. Thanks Jess and Juan!
Oh, p.s. I have no picture for today because it was all wildly dull. Tommorrow I will make up for it though because I already know two things I want to take pictures of! Oh the you can hardly wait to come back tommorrow!

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